It's kind of our thing

Custom software to meet your growing needs

Lets face it… your current needs may be similar to other businesses but never quite the same. When some process can be custom fitted to your individual needs many of your daily headaches go away allowing focus to be placed back on to your customers or product line.

Fast, efficient, and lightweight

Practicing the “test first” philosophy our code is more likely to run longer and more efficiently.

With a strong belief in not over complicating a problem we strive to find the core issues and approach them with simple and sound solutions.

We’re limber!

No matter whether your environment uses Linux, Mac, or Windows we can integrate with it. It is not uncommon for us to switch platforms on a daily basis to level up.

This goes for the programming language or framework as well. In the end it all gets compiled to machine code with design patterns and practices remaining the same throughout.

Analyzing your data

Your business may be operatingly smoothly with investments panning out, but ever wonder why? Or more importantly how can you maintain this groove or give it a boost?

This is where data analysis comes in to play. Every computing process leaves a stream of metrics in its daily routine. Most of the time this is disregarded as acceptable debris or maybe stored away in some obscure location. By tapping in to this untapped source of data your business processes can begin to gather this information. Revolving Cow can harvest these nuggets of knowledge and bring about unique insights beneficial to your business and your customers overall experience.